Who we are


since 1987
since 2019

Recently established but we have a long story behind us.
Our approach to communication and public relations has been delicate and passionate all throughout our 30 years of practice in the field.

We feel a sense of belonging to the projects we choose to participate in, we support our clients by sharing tailor-made strategies to build reputation and company image, keeping in mind the nature of the business and the objectives to reach.

First we listen. We pay great attention to the words and message the people we are talking to want to get across. We believe an important value, when it comes to relations is empathy, which in our experience is too often underestimated and trivialised.

We create ideas and content that adapt to the audience and the goals we want to achieve. The experience has prompted us to seek new approaches and new methods in the contemporary world, because we find inspiration also in getting involved in challenges we never experienced before. The tools change, the languages ​​change, but the skills and sensitivity within this universe are the basis of the success and credibility that we transfer every day to our customers, journalists and colleagues.

Our clients are at the center of our commitment
Without rhetoric, it’s a fact


We have built a consolidated, capable and independent team, which has been working together for years. Each professional developed different skills and qualities. Our profession is not only something you learn, but you choose it as well as it chooses you. It belongs to you during the daily life of relationships in this complex but equally fascinating world. Each agency professional has a strong personal identity, which we try together to nurture and to develop in a natural way. We do not underestimate any aspect of relationships, our attitude is to create concrete relations of trust, making sure not to disappoint, by relating immediately in a transparent and direct way. Proof of this is the number of years our customers have been relying on us to share their journey. This is how we believe working together can lead to a mutual learning and understanding.

We are an independent agency, we collaborate with the partner companies of Dolci Advertising network and we are associated with the Industrial Union of Turin, with UNA – United Communications Companies and the Club of Events.